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Name Haunt Likes Dislikes
Andrew AllshouseHome Haunt/TeacherI prefer creepy over cute or gory. I’m a fan of classic movie monsters (universal, hammer, or even silent era). Big fan of skeletons (human and otherwise), tombstones, Victorian, Edwardian, voodoo, artistically done macabre, etc. As I am a science teacher I also love historic lab equipment (ie anatomy posters, phrenology, glass jars, specimen oddities) or things of that look. Also enjoy carved pumpkins, both traditional and artistic or more elaborate ones. Zombies, excessive gore, cute, hello kitty, sparkly vampires.
Frances AllshouseAllshauntPumpkins (especially carvable foam ones), spiders, tombstones, Victorian / Edwardian cemeteries, Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic aesthetic, books, witches, outdoor decorations, classic Halloween postcards, tombstone iconography, gargoyles, owls, skulls / skeletons, ravens, The Addams Family (1960's version), black lightsBedazzled / glittery, gorey, cutesy, zombies
Holly Alway Campy Halloween is definitely a favorite. I'm not too picky - I love almost everything Halloween. Extreme gore
René Crespin mutants, aliens, monsters, robots, insects, reptiles, zombies, vampires, cosmic horror, black cats, bats, skulls, skeletons, pumpkins. I like my Halloween in pretty much any flavor--steampunk, vintage, Burton, or Vasquez-esque (stylized gothic punk basically), glittery, a little cheesy, vintage, "realistic," cyberpunk, cute, creepy cute, gothic, pastel goth, cyber goth, punk, etc. It's also probably worth mentioning I really love Xenomorphs, The Crow, the creatures from 9, Welcome to Night Vale, stuff like that. I'm not opposed to gore. I have a distinct fondness for freakshow/circus stuff, Halloween stuff with a sci-fi bent, or Halloween things with any sort of unusual style or twist. Like I said, I'm not all that picky, so if you choose something you like I'll probably like it too. I'm a huge fan of figures, toys, and plushes, anything I could wear, comics, decorations, functional items, books, films, all sorts of games, and I love homemade stuff. I also am into vulture culture and collect real animal bones and other dead things. I have sensory issues, so nothing loud or that makes sudden/loud noise or movement. I'm also very allergic to cats (unfortunately). I like gore, but gory decorations or art will be difficult to display at this time. I don't have many horror movies, and while I like them I am a terrible wuss when it comes to jump scares. I'll still appreciate it though.
Melyssa Cunningham Vintage, classic, Steampunk, macabre, black/red, mad scientistKiddy, gory, occult
Joli Forth (Toadling) bats, skeletons, frogs, toads, dragonflies, mushrooms/toadstools, vintage Halloween, Creature from the Black Lagoongore, blood, guts, zombies, witches smacking into things
Scott Garrett (scott_garrett)BlackOpsAnything I can put in the yard, or any bits or things I can use to build with.Things that can't take some rain
cute happy little kid stuff.
Ann Hertzog (Queen of the Haunt)Ann Hertzogmotion activated or light. We are diligently working on upgrading our items to "work and move" rather than just standing there as budget allows of course. Everything we do has to be outside friendly so I like things that fall into that categoryinside only items... not much good for us. Cutesy stuff.....We call that Puff (like the magic dragon)it is halloween after all get out the blood.
Kay Long (The Lady Kay) Gothic, non-gore, love bats and vampires. Prefer indoor decor items. Love the fuschia/lime green/orange color combos.cartoon cutesy or muted tones of some "country" fall decor
Leann Love (Scruffles)Office HauntLooking for anything that makes noise, moves or jumps, or props that would be found in a witch's house(not Wizard of Oz)(i.e., caulderons, potion bottles, crooked brooms, etc.)Please, no cutesy or really cheap stuff (dollar store), no bugs, spiders or snakes.
Rachel PCuz I Said Sewskulls, skeletons, sewing, diy, bats, spiders, witches, ghosts, spooky-cute but not Hello Kitty cute, spooky baking and cooking stuff, hearses
all-out gore, Hello Kitty cute
Sisifo Renner (Sisifo)My Home (via blog)Vintage stuff, terrariums, lanterns, Waldorf-esque dolls, black birds, owls, bats, werewolves, odd trinkets, shadowboxes, Sleepy Hollow paraphernalia, white pumpkins, black cats (please don't send live ones via post. They're quite messy.) I tend to lean towards the minor details more than the big decorations. And I like it to look like normal home decor, until they look closer and realize the painting is a scene from Sleepy Hollow. Or the pattern in the table cloth has spider webs.Snakes, graphic zombies, gore, clowns of any sort, devils, and candy corn. (I have small kids. They like spook, but not scare.)
Lorena Slocum (Pumpkinpicker) Creepy critters - especially spiders, bats, cats, rats, pumpkins, and octopods. Victorian woodcuts, vintage Halloween, black and white, eye searingly bright colours, non-zombie flesh eating creatures.things that make sudden and/or loud noises, witch themed stuff
Myra Tsung (karmakat) Mostly CATS!!, spiders and bats, but also witches, ghosts, pumpkins and vampires. I also love glow-in-the-dark and have about the hugest collection of Halloween socks ever.Zombies, gore, glitter, "rustic" or "country" style
Tanya Vervlied (Insanity)Tanya Vervliedskulls, ravens, witchy stuff

anything horror or goth themed.
glitter. Ugh. pink
Del Rhea Watson (Del Rhea) Bats, gargoyles, ravens, owls, skeletons, gothic decor. More Poe than gore. Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney villains are about as cutesy as it gets. Otherwise, very atmospheric, ghosts, graveyards, skeletons, pumpkins, spiders...No witches, please....and clowns really scare me. :P
Jenna Willey (Jenna)Shadow ManorI prefer gothic, Addams Family-type items, rather than anything gory.I really don't care for gore.
Catherine Winterfox (frykitty)Goblin HouseGhosts, skulls, pretty much anything spooky. I like gothic style, some vintage/folk art.Gory, not so much. Esp zombies. Kids' stuff.