Ann Hertzog (Queen of the Haunt)
Haunt Name: Ann Hertzog

Haunt Description: We have an ATV Club. The haunted ride is a 10 mile guided ride with 6 physical stops with a 5 minute run time with actors. The rest of the ride is scattered with standing props, motion and static ones. It takes approximately 1 1/2 per group. We also have a pavilion that is decorated to match the theme and serves as host for carnival type games as well we show a movie on the outside 30x30 screen.

motion activated or light. We are diligently working on upgrading our items to "work and move" rather than just standing there as budget allows of course. Everything we do has to be outside friendly so I like things that fall into that category

inside only items... not much good for us. Cutesy stuff.....We call that Puff (like the magic dragon)it is halloween after all get out the blood.

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