Sisifo Renner (Sisifo)
Haunt Name: My Home (via blog)

Haunt Description: Indoor decor, some yard. Mostly home, sometimes party. Changes yearly. 2011 was witch-themed.

Vintage stuff, terrariums, lanterns, Waldorf-esque dolls, black birds, owls, bats, werewolves, odd trinkets, shadowboxes, Sleepy Hollow paraphernalia, white pumpkins, black cats (please don't send live ones via post. They're quite messy.) I tend to lean towards the minor details more than the big decorations. And I like it to look like normal home decor, until they look closer and realize the painting is a scene from Sleepy Hollow. Or the pattern in the table cloth has spider webs.

Snakes, graphic zombies, gore, clowns of any sort, devils, and candy corn. (I have small kids. They like spook, but not scare.)

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