René Crespin

mutants, aliens, monsters, robots, insects, reptiles, zombies, vampires, cosmic horror, black cats, bats, skulls, skeletons, pumpkins. I like my Halloween in pretty much any flavor--steampunk, vintage, Burton, or Vasquez-esque (stylized gothic punk basically), glittery, a little cheesy, vintage, "realistic," cyberpunk, cute, creepy cute, gothic, pastel goth, cyber goth, punk, etc. It's also probably worth mentioning I really love Xenomorphs, The Crow, the creatures from 9, Welcome to Night Vale, stuff like that. I'm not opposed to gore. I have a distinct fondness for freakshow/circus stuff, Halloween stuff with a sci-fi bent, or Halloween things with any sort of unusual style or twist. Like I said, I'm not all that picky, so if you choose something you like I'll probably like it too. I'm a huge fan of figures, toys, and plushes, anything I could wear, comics, decorations, functional items, books, films, all sorts of games, and I love homemade stuff. I also am into vulture culture and collect real animal bones and other dead things.

I have sensory issues, so nothing loud or that makes sudden/loud noise or movement. I'm also very allergic to cats (unfortunately). I like gore, but gory decorations or art will be difficult to display at this time. I don't have many horror movies, and while I like them I am a terrible wuss when it comes to jump scares. I'll still appreciate it though.

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